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A recent study has been published that further confirms the benefits of bariatric surgery on type 2 diabetes.

Read the study's abstract here.

Actor Chevy Chase has lost over 100 lbs following weight loss surgery -- a part of his making several healthy life changes!

Studies conducted by Northwestern University and published in JAMA show evidence that bariatric surgery prolongs lifespan in obese patients: Middle-age men and women who have the surgery have 50 percent lower death rate. Obese, middle-age men and women who had bariatric surgery have half the death rate of those who had traditional medical treatment over a 10-year period, reports a study that answers questions ab

The Lone Tree Voice has published an article describing the amazing results our patients have achieved. Celebrations were had at the annual "Pants Across Sky Ridge" event.

Read the article here.

Dr. Chae discusses the new vBloc weight loss procedure on the Doctors along with his patient from Colorado:

Dr. Chae discussed the new VBloc procedure on the KNUS Radio show: Colorado Issues with Tom Moller.

Listen here:

The New York Times has posted an article on why weight loss surgery helps some individuals loose weight when diets fail.

On August 10, 2015 the National Bariatric Center and Dr. Frank Chae performed the first VBloc weight loss surgery procedure in Colorado and CBS Denver documented the event! The latest weight loss surgery technique, VBloc works differently than traditional bariatric surgery procedures. Watch the video below:

Dr. Chae of the National Bariatric Center is the first provider in Colorado certified to offer vBloc therapy for the treatment of obesity. VBloc is a totally new technique to help individuals suffering from obesity loose weight.

Read more here:

A new study published by the journal Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology shows that for some individals, obesity is a result of both lifestyle and biology. For these people excercise and diet may not be enough to prevent obesity. Read more about this study here.



"I have lost 210 pounds since the start of my journey. What I liked so much about Dr. Chae is that he is a follow up guy, he makes sure that you understand everything about the procedure and that all your questions are answered."

Bryan N.
Denver, CO

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